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Consulting, Training & Bookkeeping Firm
We are a Professional

Who We Are

Who We Are

J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. is a professional bookkeeping firm specializing in QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software in America. We are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors headquartered in Palm Beach County, Florida. We have been providing professional services to our clients nationwide since 1997. We handle everything in one centralized location, so you can easily access your information from our database at anytime, from anywhere

What We Do


Many families, home offices and businesses have found that delegating the bookkeeping responsibilities to us have proven to be very valuable saving them time and money. Our professional bookkeeping experience enables us to manage the process more efficiently. That same experience is carried through in our training sessions, as well. Time and time again, our services have proven to save time, money and a lot of frustration

Why We Do It


It is our sole purpose to relieve our clients of tasks that are creating obstacles in their work-life balance. We have a passion for perfection and our dedicated staff is committed to exceeding expectations. This requires that we thoughtfully engage and carefully listen. In doing so, we can develop an in depth understanding of our client’s goals and objectives. In essence, our services allow our clients to focus on those elements of their lives that really deserve more of their attention