Business Services

Business Services

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  • Accessibility
    Because we handle everything in one centralized location, you are able to access your information at any time and from anywhere.
  • Performance
    Using highly computerized accounting systems, paperless filing, online banking, remote access, cloud back up and document storage, our services are very efficient.
  • Coordination
    We will coordinate with other financial services providers to consolidate reporting when needed – such as tax preparation, financial planning, estate planning, etc.  This enables business owners to meet their financial goals more efficiently and successfully.
  • Confidentiality
    Our professional business services and morale assure that corporate information and finances remain confidential.


We Offer

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  • Professional Bookkeepers
    As a client, you will get an experienced professional for all your bookkeeping needs. If for some reason your personal bookkeeper is unavailable, all team members are cross-trained. This guarantees you quality service at all times.
  • Accountability
    You’ll have no bookkeeping worries; your bookkeeper will match your receipts to the correlating transactions, classify your expenses, reconcile your accounts and answer any questions you may have.
  • Document Upload & Communication
    We offer several convenient options for staying connected and sending your documents to your bookkeeper:
    Click & Move/Copy & Paste files from your computer right into your own private folder in our secure document server.
    Email/Forward bank statements, invoices/bills, estimates, receipts and questions directly to your bookkeeper.
    Mail, FedEx, UPS (we supply you with pre-paid envelopes).
    Faxing, Texting and Smoke signals are also options.
  • Document Management & Transparency
    Our online document management server creates a safe, effective and stress-free way to store, find and review any documents that you provide to us.
    We Are Paperless – Reduce paper confusion and safely upload your important information directly into your own private folder in our server.
    Well Organized – Your personal bookkeeper will organize your documents, attach receipts to the related transactions and scan everything into your own private folder in our server.
    Easily Searchable – If you ever need to find a document for reference, your folder will be sorted by names, reference or invoice numbers and dates in your own private online folder.

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  • Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping
    Release administrative and support personnel from handling financial matters – which often can be or may lead to uncomfortable situations for both the employer and employees. Our services assure that personal and business information and finances remain confidential.
    Eliminates any potential liability issues in the case of misuse of funds by administrative staff. The occasional check that is written in the office will be more scrutinized than a stack of checks of thirty or forty checks might be.
    Saves operational costs. Because we handle everything in one centralized location, using highly computerized accounting systems with our own check printers, our normal monthly fee would be only a fraction of having a full-time bookkeeper on staff.
    Provide better financial data and control. Our services allow businesses to better manage their finances more efficiently.
    Simplicity & Accuracy. It makes other financial services – such as tax preparation, financial planning, estate planning, etc., more effective and accurate. This enables businesses to meet their financial goals successfully. We consolidate the information into one overall report for the business owners and advisers.