For Accountants


While bookkeeping and accounting share common goals, they each make up different stages of the financial cycle.

A successful marriage between bookkeeping and accounting will contribute to the long-term financial success of the client. Organized financial records and properly balanced finances produced by the bookkeeping and accounting processes are both key factors to this success.

The result is a better understanding of actual profitability and an awareness of cash flow in the business to the business owner. The accountant then turns the information from the ledger into statements that reveal the bigger picture of the business and the path that the company is progressing on.


Business owners will often look to accountants for help with strategic tax planning, financial forecasting and tax filing. By having the bookkeeping outsourced, the accountant has the information needed to perform these tasks accurately and efficiently for the client.

High-function accounting – bookkeeping partnerships are part of the culture here at J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. We value our working relationships with accountants highly and our clients are consistently satisfied with the results we achieve in our partnerships.

Our goal is to bridge the gap for you and your client in the day to day operations.  We are a full charge bookkeeping firm that will tailor our services to the needs of you and your client.