Security & Compliance

A business, family or individual’s bookkeeper is one of few people with intimate knowledge of your personal and financial information. As such, it is incumbent upon the bookkeeper that they remain discreet while also diligently following laws, rules and regulations dictated by local, state and federal governing bodies.

There are numerous security and compliance requirements that our team at J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. strictly abide by as set forth by industry watchdogs. Trust is everything and we view our fiduciary responsibility as the highest duty imposed by law and act in the best interest of our clients. We do not outsource our bookkeepers. All of our bookkeepers are employees of J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. and are located in our office.

At J. Zollo & Associates, Inc., we are bound by the highest standards of security and compliance in a number of areas including records storage and record-keeping, internal auditing, PCI & HIPAA and SEC & IRS compliance. The security of our clients’ personal data is also of utmost importance, and every precaution is taken to assure this information is secure.

At J. Zollo & Associates. Inc., we are insured and bonded and will provide a certificate of insurance to you upon engagement of our services.

Reasons to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Some businesses leverage outsourcing the bookkeeping as an added layer of security.  They may have an in-house bookkeeper processing the day to day, but want a second set of eyes reviewing the file and performing the bank reconciliations or entering and processing payroll. Other businesses simply do not have enough work to hire a bookkeeper, even part-time, so at J. Zollo & Associates, Inc., we’re an affordable solution.

It’s also worth noting that as your business grows, we are happy to train your new bookkeeper on your file to transition your bookkeeping in-house. Even then, we’re never far away, and are happy to answer questions. We can facilitate monthly reconciliations, Quick Books support, and provide quarterly and/or annual reviews before you send your file off to the accountant.

Contact J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. today to learn about the specific measures we take to protect your information.