Family Bookkeeping

Busy families and individuals are often involved in many activities and find that their financial obligations also demand a great deal of their time and expertise to properly manage. Others simply have no desire to be involved in this highly demanding area of their life.

At J. Zollo & Associates, Inc., we can help. We have a long list of clients from busy professionals, senior citizens, frequent travelers and affluent families involved in many pursuits to professional athletes, celebrities, active duty members of the military, and those who have experienced large, unexpected life changes.

By utilizing our family bookkeeping services, you can outsource that very tedious, albeit very necessary, function so you’re left to focus your time on the things that matter to you most.

Services include:

• Banking and bill pay services
• Bank and credit card reconciliation
• Brokerage account reconciliation
• Domestic payroll and background checks
• Financial statements
• Cash flow and budgeting
• Document and record management
• Other concierge services

Contact J. Zollo & Associates, Inc. today and we’ll get started on your family or individual bookkeeping needs tomorrow.